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Donating Your Birthday to a Great Cause

If you have a favorite charity that you like to support, then you may be driven to make more of an impact than a small donation, but pulling money together is tough. Making your birthday into a large donation for a good cause is much easier than you think, especially when using Givebutter. You may have seen other people doing this recently because it has become a pretty popular trend. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest ones is that it has become simple to gather money and donate it all at once because of fundraising platforms such as Givebutter.

To donate your birthday means that you set up a campaign for whatever cause you would like to support and rather than receiving gifts, you ask friends and family members to pledge your campaign. There many different platforms you could use to make your birthday about giving rather than receiving. Facebook has created a tool to raise money through their website for your birthday, and it has the ability to be donated directly to your cause of choice. There are other ways such as GoFundMe or CrowdRise, but Givebutter makes setting up your campaign simple. Givebutter’s donation feed allows for GIFs, photos, and comments, making your donation an actual online celebration to go along with your birthday.

Say I wanted to reach a goal of $500 to donate to Oceana to help protect our oceans. When using Givebutter, I would simply select to fundraise for an individual, rather than a group, and I would follow the simple steps of creating a title, updating my financial goal, and putting in a website link.


I’ll then use the Story feature to explain how and why I want to raise money for my birthday, rather than receiving gifts!


After creating an account with Givebutter, you can share your fundraiser with your friends and family and start receiving support for your cause. Givebutter offers the lowest fees in the industry, so when people donate to your birthday, you know the money is really going to go towards your cause. Givebutter only has a 0.5% fee to use its tools. You can also use Venmo to support your campaign, which makes your birthday fundraiser much more efficient.

There are many other ways to spread the word about your campaign! If you have a birthday party with your closest friends and relatives, you can explain to them in the invitation that instead of presents, you’d prefer that they follow the link to donate if they want to give you something for your special day. If they don’t follow the link on the invitation, you could set up a computer at the party with the donation page open so that guests can read about your cause and donate while they’re spending time with you. This way, it feels more personal for them, and they can see your excitement about helping your favorite organization.

So which cause should you donate to? There are tons of organizations that could use the extra funds to help their awesome causes. Used in the example above, Oceana is a great start for anyone who loves the beach or sea life. Other environmentally conscious charities you could pick from are the Environmental Defense Fund, the Rainforest Alliance, or the Sea Turtle Conservancy. If you’re looking for human rights campaigns, some ideas are Amnesty International, International Federation for Human Rights, or Refugees International. There are also various smaller charities that are working for incredible causes and could use the attention that your special day could gather! Some of these charities include India Development and Relief Fund, FSH Society, or Operation Homefront. All of these organizations are working their hardest to change the world and every cent donated to their causes matter. But the best organizations are ones you have a personal connection to or feel strongly about, because those are the organizations for which you’ll be able to tell the most compelling story and get others to care about your cause!

If you want to donate your birthday to a charity or organization then it’s never been easier with Givebutter. Whichever fund you decide to support gives off a ripple effect of giving. You can make a large change through a simple fundraiser-- and that’s the best birthday present anyone could receive.