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The Three Most Innovative Nonprofits Changing the Giving Space

Though there are many nonprofits seeking to do good in 2018, there are a few going a step beyond. What the most groundbreaking nonprofits in the sector have in common are their seamless ability to integrate innovative technologies and ideas into generating positive social impact. As nonprofits continue to steer towards a policy of doing well for others, it is important to creatively approach some of the world’s largest concerns.

Here are three innovative nonprofits that are changing the model of giving back.

Literacy Lab

With the mission to create connected and interactive early learning environments, Literacy Lab (LitLab) is offering game-changing solutions to America’s literacy problem. What makes LitLab unique is the fact that the nonprofit is entirely dedicated to offering new ways to support early learning for low-income children.

Offline, LitLab offers low-income communities a book bag rotation program with dual-language books, activity prompts, and a journal to support children to read with a parent/guardian and participate in activities, questions, and vocabulary to extend learning. Online, children can take home an iPad full of ebooks to support their learning as well as “Chispa,” a texting program that promotes everyday learning between caregivers and their child.

With these tools available to low-income families, families and children are able to engage and make steady progress in their literacy abilities.

Technology Underwriting Greater Good

Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG) connects New England's tech entrepreneurs with the riskiest social enterprises serving local under-resourced youth through entrepreneurial, educational, and life experiences. Since 2006, TUGG has created and fostered a business model that promotes investments towards the next generation of dreamers and doers. That way, they will be able to one day achieve what we perceive as impossible today.

Though varied, the portfolio of TUGG’s nonprofits all serve local children and youth who need the most help; high-risk, homeless, low-income or otherwise under-resourced.

Sparrow Mobile

With a mission “to bridge the digital divide and empower people with connection,” Sparrow Mobile is a nonprofit that wishes to provide digital inclusion for all. Using a simple “buy-one-give-one” model, whenever a consumer switches to their service, somebody in need will receive a free smartphone or mobile plan in return.

By providing more individuals an opportunity to own a mobile device, more opportunities for a connected world are made. After all, the ability to own a smartphone is a gateway toward endless educational resources, such as ebooks, educational apps, and enlightening videos.

In fact, recently, Sparrow has been able to improve refugee resettlement by providing smartphones and data plans to Syrian refugees.