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Start Planning for Movember Now!

Now is the perfect time to get your fraternity and sorority to start planning for Movember! This is a great opportunity for college students to raise money for numerous different causes and to bring much needed awareness to men’s mental health issues.

The Movember Foundation, founded in 2003, hosts events and accepts donations all year round, but the main event takes place in November (hence Movember—a mixture of the name of the month and the word mustache). Men around the globe will grow out their mustaches and beards to raise money for men’s health issues, including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

The first year that the foundation ran the fundraiser, they were unable to raise any funds and only had 30 participating members. By the year 2017, the foundation grew to have over 5 million members and had successfully funded 1200 men’s projects. In the United States, Movember is often called “no shave November,” and many high schools participate. Students will fundraise and host awareness events throughout November, and at the end of the month, the individuals who have grown out their facial hair typically shave it off at an event organized fundraising event to boost final contributions.

Using movember as a way to fundraise for your fraternity and global men’s health issues can be very simple. There are ways that you can register an independent movember event through the Movember Foundation’s website—or you could simply plan your own! It doesn’t always have to be in order to raise awareness of men’s health issues, but that is how the movement began and continues to be the top reason as to why so many men participate in the campaign.

Movember doesn’t have to be utilized solely by fraternities, sororities are easily able to participate as well. Female participants may not be able to grow as impressive a mustache, but they can still contribute through fundraising, helping to organize the end-of-month festivities, and awareness programs!

Most sororities and fraternities are required to hold philanthropic events throughout the year and be involved with different charities. Creating a movember event, using Givebutter to fundraise, and donating the totals that were brought in from the event to the Movember Foundation can be a great, and particularly fun, event for any college student.

A great idea to partner up between a fraternity and sorority is by having the fraternity hold a dinner, recognizing the beginning of the event and the reasons for holding it. At the end of the month, the sororities can hold a fundraising event where the girls shave the boys’ beards off. This way, both the fraternity and the sorority have participated in the event and the cause gains twice the amount of recognition. When using Givebutter, both sororities and fraternities can open campaigns for free at the beginning of the month to start soliciting donations. Your Greek house can then make a big online fundraising push the day of the actual shave-off. You could even sell tickets to attend the event!

Of course, an event like this does not have to be limited to college students. Offices and independent businesses frequently dedicate their time to different philanthropic initiatives, both to contribute positively to their communities as well as boost team bonding. One of the best ways to get everyone in your company involved is through advertising or simply spreading the word. Throughout a business, there can be a office-wide email that explains what happens and anyone who wants to participate can respond to the email or sign up on a separate spreadsheet. If everyone participating donates only $5, that totals to a lot of money sent to a foundation with a seriously important cause.

The sooner you plan for the event, the better. This way you can set up your fundraising goals with Givebutter and advertise for it on social media platforms when the time rolls around. The best part about movember is how much fun it is and how excited the men are to get involved. With many men’s health issues being severely overlooked throughout the world and men dying at younger ages than in previous years, your fundraiser could change a man’s life and offer him a future that he may not have had. Happy giving!